Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sometimes He saves us by Fire

This last week a traveling sales man came to our home in Oregon. I answered and having been a missionary during hot and humid summers I cannot bring myself to turn someone away without a drink of water and a few minutes in an air conditioned room. I ushered him into the hallway and as I was obtaining water he started reading the living Christ that mom put up in the hallway. He commented on it but then started into his spiel. I left for this because he was really giving it to mom. I found where dad keeps all the extra copies of the Book of Mormon and before he left I bore my testimony to him and gave it to him. He seemed pretty excited and interested. I should have given him a card or at least a chapter to read but I'm a little out of practice and I hope that this meager offering to the Lord can be accepted. 

Two fun thoughts came from my adventurous drive home. 
First on my way traveling though k falls there was a cloud of bugs that I drove through that lasted a good five minutes. All the fires has caused everyone to be hording water so the lake is extra full this year, despite the drought, which makes a wonderful breading ground for these bugs. Many bugs lost their lives on the windshield of my car which made it extremely difficult to see. To add to that it was getting late and was fairly dark outside. As cars flew by me in the opposite direction I couldn't see the road. I remembered the council that dad gave me in these situations (well it was meant for heavy rain). Look to the white line and don't take your eyes off of it. As long as the line stays in the middle of the dashboard you will be safe. This is just like the gospel of Christ. As long as we are keeping our covenants we will be safe and make it home safely like I did :)

Second thought was while I was playing the piano at home. It was the first night I was back and I had a lot of things on my mind so I was playing to sooth myself and prepare for bed. As I was thinking about some of the hard things I've been going though lately I had a feeling of gratitude. We are given wonderful talents and blessing because of the hard things we go through and because of those gifts we are able to bless the lives of many of God's children. The example that was most pressing on my mind that night was the one I shared with Emily. I remember many nights crying myself to sleep feeling worthless and a failure, however as I learned to trust God and I put my worth and confidence in Him I have gained great power. Because of this trial I can play the piano and uplift others with beautiful music. Though I do not condone the things that she said and did to Emily and I, I am grateful that I had this experience because it has brought Emily and I closer together. It has also given me strength and experience to overcome other trials I have had. I welcome trials and I am grateful when I am in trusted by God to do hard things. 

As I was reading today I came accross a scripture in first Nephi that says, "Wherefore, the righteous need not fear; for thus saith the prophet, they shall be saved, even if it so be as by fire." I know that we are all given hard things but these are the experiances that link us to our saviour. They are the reason we need Him in our lives. I know that my Father in Heaven is watching over me and is present in my life. It is His purpose to bring about my exaltation and eternal life. I will trust in Him and walk with Him through the fire.  


  1. Great pictures!
    You're a bigger person than I am. I'm confident my feelings towards others involved in that experience will keep me out of heaven.

  2. Help me, dear Father, to freely forgive
    All who may seem unkind to me...

    Only with his help. No one needs to be kept out of heaven. The atonement is for your old piano teacher too. That's all I know. Love you both, fine pianists after all.