Friday, June 5, 2015

The best two years

Today is the day. Two years ago I boarded a plane to start what has been the most influential period of my life. Was it anything like expected, no but it was exactly what I needed. When I was preparing for a mission I quizzed everyone I knew for what it would be like. Everyone without fail told me it would be hard but were never able to explain to me why or what it was really like. That is because a mission is a trial and has been designed perfectly for you. Father gives us the experiences that we need. Everyone's mission is so different and I'm not just talking about geographic area I am to referring to the personal battle everyday to follow Christ. Some are given physical difficulties others must struggle emotionally others spiritually and some have a little of each. We really have no right to judge another because they sin differently than us or even that their trial is different. It is so easy to look at someone else and wish for their struggles because they look "easy" to us. This is not true each person has inner workings and if we were to receive someone else's trial we would send it back as quickly as possible. So in words I can never adequately explain what my mission was like or what it meant to me. All that I know how to say is that this was one choice that I will never regret because it brought me to my Savior, and it is the relationship I have with him that I hold to be my most valuable and sacred possession. But who really wants to hear me rant so I thought I'd give you some lovely photos that I never did end up emailing home.

sorry this isn't from the mission but I did find sisters  in provo :)

Also here is an excerpt from Zach's letter,

"There is a less active member we have been working with who has gotten really worn out and tired. He always talks about how he has to provide for his children physically and enable them to be well off in the future. We talked with him about how the greatest legacy we can leave is one of faith. I talked about Grandma Lake and how she wanted to help her kids. She saw the church was good, so she started having her kids attend church actives. That influenced my mom who has impacted me in that I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. That is worth more to me than any amount of money. That has a greater impact on my future happiness than any amount of money as well. I want to leave those I teach here in Cambodia and my future family a heritage of faith.

Keep the flame of your faith burning bright. This is one fire we do want to spread."

Here is to the best year and a half!! Now lets go spread this fire :)
Sister Olsen

Ps sorry there are so many but there is a great story behind each one. 


  1. Wonderful to watch you grow and learn and love.

  2. What a good place to collect your missionary pictures. We're so happy you had this opportunity.